About GeoLearn

GeoLearn provides dynamic and comprehensive continuing education courses for land surveyors – with a new, fresh approach to professional learning.

We recognize the need for not only credits for renewal of licensure and certification, but for opportunities to address emerging technology, innovations and business best practices, beyond the legal requirements, delivered in a dynamic way that resonates with learners. In short, GeoLearn offers content that educates, enlightens and enriches geospatial professionals at every level. 

At GeoLearn, we address a broad set of general and specific training requirements, using leading-edge multimedia technology along with industry-renowned professional faculty to deliver learning the way you want it. Our thirst for geospatial knowledge is contagious: Our courses leave you not only with the appropriate credentials, but wanting to know even more.


You can support KSLS while you learn by going to through the KSLS Portal to access GeoLearn classes.  Click Here to get started.

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